UV-C Antimicrobial Devices: Keeping Hospitals Clean

ultraviolet light photoHere’s some good news: scientists have created a machine that zaps germs in operating rooms!

Though it’s not specifically related to foot and ankle health, this development is great news for every medical professional in the field. Though operating rooms are some of the cleanest places around, it’s almost impossible to remove all microscopic organisms from an area. Usually, it’s not necessary– there aren’t many situations where you need to remove all the microbes from a situation. Surgery, however, is one of them!

Surgery site infection can be a serious issue. Though many hospitals administer preoperative antibiotics as necessary, the possibility for infection is always there. That’s why this development is so exciting for every medical professional out there!

Modern developments in antibacterial technology


The machine, produced by companies like Xenex, uses full ultraviolet spectrum bursts of light to kill microbes. The so-called UV-C spectrum light passes through the cell walls of the microbes, and fries the parts that make them a threat. Though it’s not great for people–ultraviolet light is what gives us sunburns–it’s even worse for the bacteria that can cause serious infections!

Machines like those produced by Xenex have been used in clinical trials for a few years, now. But it wasn’t until recently that the body of research data has been published showing the effectiveness of UV-C spectrum disinfecting. In fact, the Center for Disease Control has been quoted as verifying the effectiveness of UV-C spectrum disinfection as early as 2013.

New technology means new opportunities to serve patients


Now that its effectiveness is a matter of scientifically verifiable fact, UV-C spectrum disinfecting devices have the opportunity to become a regular part of the medical field. Though the cost remains prohibitively high, further developments in the production of these machines could lead to a whole new era in antimicrobial practices!

We here at the Foot & Ankle Center of Northern Colorado like to pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our field. And although our specialties run more towards prevention and treatment rather than surgery, we believe it’s important to keep on top of new developments in medicine. If you’re curious about what we offer, don’t wait– contact us today! Our staff can get you back on your feet in no time.

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