Gout in the Feet and Toes

Sometimes, you may experience sudden pains in your joints. These pains seem to have no immediate cause, and nothing seems to work on them. While there are many possible causes, your doctor may find you have gout. What is Gout? Gout is a form of arthritis, in which your body reacts to deposits in the … Continued

Vitamins that Will Help Burning Feet

A burning sensation affecting your feet including soles, heels, and pads of toes is not an uncommon medical complaint. The intensity of symptoms may vary from a mild discomfort all the way to severe, chronic pain that may significantly interfere with your daily activities, causing disability or incapacity. Several underlying causes are responsible for burning … Continued

Foot Bursitis and How a Podiatrist Can Help

Are you experiencing problems with your feet like pain, swollenness, redness and possibly a burning sensation? Then you might be experiencing bursitis in your feet. What is bursitis in your feet anyway and can a podiatrist help you with this? What is foot bursitis? Your body contains bursal sacs, which are sacs filled with fluid … Continued

Common Foot and Ankle Issues (And Their Solutions!)

We never think about our feet until it’s too late. Since they’re all the way down there, and wrapped up in stylish footwear (more often than not) it’s easy to forget about all of the things we should think about regarding foot-care. There are a few common issues that we here at the Foot and … Continued

Eating For Your Feet: Nutrition and Foot Health

It’s easy to forget about your feet. At the end of a long day, when all you want to do is kick off your shoes and put them up on the coffee table, the pain in your feet seems like a fact of nature. But what if we told you that there were some simple … Continued

Bunions: More Than Just a Bump

From the outside, a bunion may simply look like a bony bump. But on the inside, there’s a lot more going on. To truly correct a bunion deformity and get back the ease and comfort you felt before, it’s important to see — and treat! — a bunion for what it really is. What is … Continued

Podiatrist Designs Shoes that Mix Comfort, Style

Good shoes should balance comfort, support and style. But it seems the stars rarely align in this manner; aesthetically pleasing shoes are often ill-fitting, and form-fitting footwear is often plain. A former podiatrist aims to change that with a line of luxury women’s shoes that are as fashionable as they are wearable. From Podiatrist to … Continued

Olympic, rec athletes face risk of foot, ankle injuries

Michael Phelps made history in many ways at the recent Rio Olympics, and his achievements are especially remarkable considering that he—like many athletes as they reach their 30s—has suffered his share of injuries. Over the course of his remarkable career, Phelps has experienced back, wrist and foot injuries. He was even suspected of having a … Continued

Standing Desks: Thinking On, and About, Our Feet

Standing desks have become popular over the past few years as increasing research indicates that sitting for extended periods can have adverse health effects and that many people think better on their feet. But are we considering whether standing is good for our feet? Standing at Attention In a study of nearly 300 children in … Continued

Watch Out for Morton’s Neuromas This Spring

There isn’t a much better way to spend a few hours on a Spring day then going on a quick run. While on your run, or going about your day, have you ever felt like something was in your shoe, kind of like your socks were bunched up, but you find that nothing was there? … Continued