Beach Vacation Foot Care: Keep Your Feet Healthy

Spring is here and, summer is just around the corner. And since it soon will be prime time for a beach vacation, we thought we’d clue you into a couple of beach-centric footcare tips! Everyone loves going barefoot at the beach. There aren’t many places more suited to going without shoes– everything’s soft, warm, and … Continued

Common Foot and Ankle Issues (And Their Solutions!)

We never think about our feet until it’s too late. Since they’re all the way down there, and wrapped up in stylish footwear (more often than not) it’s easy to forget about all of the things we should think about regarding foot-care. There are a few common issues that we here at the Foot and … Continued

Football Season Means Sprains

The time has come to put on those jerseys and tune in! Yes indeed, football season is here again. And that means relaxing with friends, catching some great games, and watching athletes compete at the peak of their abilities! Unfortunately, all of this means watching athletes injure themselves in pretty significant ways, as well. Take … Continued

Olympic, rec athletes face risk of foot, ankle injuries

Michael Phelps made history in many ways at the recent Rio Olympics, and his achievements are especially remarkable considering that he—like many athletes as they reach their 30s—has suffered his share of injuries. Over the course of his remarkable career, Phelps has experienced back, wrist and foot injuries. He was even suspected of having a … Continued

Coping with Puncture Wounds to the Ankles and Feet

Puncture wounds to the feet and ankles occur more often in the warm-weather months, and these injuries are common in Colorado, where hiking, biking, rafting and other outdoor activities that put people at risk for puncture wounds are popular. One thing we don’t have to worry about causing such wounds here is crocodiles. But a … Continued

Spring Can Be Torture On Your Feet

Photos by joncandy, MSC U13 Green Spring has sprung and people are venturing out of their houses and into the parks. It is great to see people enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some sun after those long Colorado winters, but with increased activity comes increased risk for foot and ankle injury. Two popular spring-time … Continued