Summertime Injury: Footcare and Your Child

soccer photoIt’s summertime!

The season is in full swing, now, and the sounds of kids in the park shouting and playing soccer or baseball mean they’re doing Summer right. But are they taking good care of their feet?

Nothing puts a dent in your summer like a child’s foot injury. And with how active your child likely is, chances are there’s always something you can do to keep them on their feet (and out of the house) until that first class bell rings!

Is your child comfortable in their shoes?


For instance, have you checked your child’s shoes? Especially if they were bought new at the start of the season, poorly-fitting shoes can be a big source of foot injuries, no matter who–or how old–you are. Watch for irritated spots, red spots, blisters, and irritation, especially on toes, ankles, heels, and the balls of your children’s feet. If you pick up a new pair of shoes, then think about following this handy guide from REI on breaking in hiking boots. It may not apply to every shoe out there, but it’s a good place to start!

Make sure to check in on your child’s foot and ankle health. Open lines of communication with your child, and make sure to ask them about how they’re feeling. Even if they think they can walk through an injury, if you notice them with a minor problem it might be time to take a closer look. The time to treat a foot injury is before it becomes a real issue!

If worse comes to worst, remember RICE!


And lastly, if your child does suffer an injury, always remember the RICE system. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation are good first responses to any injury, as long as you continue to monitor the injury. Remember, if the pain persists, make sure to consult a medical professional. Hopefully–and most likely–your kid will make it through the summer without incident, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case they take a nasty fall. Take a look at this Mayo Clinic guide to treating sprains and other joint trauma for more information.

Of course, as you know, an ounce of prevention saves a whole lot of trouble down the line. If you have any concerns about an injury your child might have sustained, don’t worry! Contact the Foot & Ankle Center of Northern Colorado today. We’ll keep your child up and running all summer long (and clear into the school year!)

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