Soles4Souls: A Shoe Based Charity

How often do you think about your shoes?

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It may be a silly question, but for many people around the world, having a pair of shoes isn’t a sure thing. Without shoes, any number of normal, every-day tasks quickly become difficult to the point of impossible– walking to school, holding down a job, or even going to get food and water, all become trials to overcome instead of normal, every-day tasks.

That’s why one non-profit has taken it upon themselves to provide shoes to under-developed and poverty-stricken areas. With over 30 million pairs of shoes distributed to 127 countries across the globe, Soles4Souls is doing the legwork of providing opportunities that many of us take for granted to those of us who can’t.

Started as a disaster relief organization in the wake of the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2004 and 2005, respectively, Soles4Souls has become one of the leading disaster- and poverty-relief nonprofits in America, distributing shoes and clothing to areas in need. According to their website, Americans alone throw away more than 70 pounds of textile products a year– products which can be re-used and distributed to those in need. By providing opportunities for those in need to acquire proper footwear and clothing, Soles4Souls is looking to break the cycle of poverty in developing areas across the world.

How it works, is Soles4Souls–and its sister organization, Clothes4Souls–partners with both businesses, individuals, and groups to receive your gently used clothing items, and brings the donations to their central location for processing. Then, Soles4Souls distributes these articles of clothing to registered non-profit partners locally, such as churches, shelters, or disaster relief organizations. Here, the shoes and clothes can reach those who need them!

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Northern Colorado, we know what a difference caring for your feet can make. From basic quality-of-life improvements, to addressing serious issues with skeletal structure and overall health, a good pair of shoes can make all the difference. 

If you’d like to donate a couple of pairs of gently-used shoes, take a look at their website. There are options for individuals, groups, and businesses, with all the information you could need about making sure your old shoes get to someone in need.

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