Are your feet ready for spring?

It’s spring! The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer. All over the country, people are shaking off their winter blues, and getting ready for a long summer of active outdoor fun. But chances are, not many of them will have feet on their mind– and that may be what puts them on the … Continued

Soles4Souls: A Shoe Based Charity

How often do you think about your shoes? It may be a silly question, but for many people around the world, having a pair of shoes isn’t a sure thing. Without shoes, any number of normal, every-day tasks quickly become difficult to the point of impossible– walking to school, holding down a job, or even … Continued

3D Printed Orthotics: New Tools for Diabetics?

For those with diabetes, foot health can be incredibly important. Due to neuropathy caused by the condition, feet become particularly susceptible to sustained injury, with points of insensitivity becoming worn due to repeated pressure, and healing poorly. The solution to this issue has, in the past, been custom-fitted orthopedic insoles, providing support and structure to … Continued

Bunions: More Than Just a Bump

From the outside, a bunion may simply look like a bony bump. But on the inside, there’s a lot more going on. To truly correct a bunion deformity and get back the ease and comfort you felt before, it’s important to see — and treat! — a bunion for what it really is. What is … Continued

Podiatrist Designs Shoes that Mix Comfort, Style

Good shoes should balance comfort, support and style. But it seems the stars rarely align in this manner; aesthetically pleasing shoes are often ill-fitting, and form-fitting footwear is often plain. A former podiatrist aims to change that with a line of luxury women’s shoes that are as fashionable as they are wearable. From Podiatrist to … Continued

Treating Club Foot with External Fixation

Kevin had a type of bi-lateral club foot that was resistant to conservative treatment.  Dr. Hatch was able to surgically correct his deformity with the use of external fixation.   While fixators look intimidating, they were an ideal treatment for Kevin’s condition. With a careful therapy regiment and considerable determination, 10 year-old Kevin was able to … Continued

Sprain Reaction: Podiatrist Visit can Spur Proper Ankle Recovery

Ankle sprains are so common—especially in the winter—that many people inherently understand and initially follow positive steps for recovery: ice, elevation and rest. However, many sprain victims also resume their regular activities as soon as they no longer experience discomfort and feel stable on their feet. If the ankle is not fully healed, this resurgence … Continued

Skis the Day: Protecting Your Feet and Ankles on the Slopes

The Colorado ski season is upon us, and our feet and ankles are instrumental in the motions and balance required for skiing. Our feet and ankles are also more vulnerable to injuries while skiing, especially early in the season if our bodies are not yet acclimated to the unique stresses of skiing. With locations in … Continued

Saving Lace: Proper Lacing can Prevent Foot, Ankle Ailments

Colorado is a runner’s paradise, and a great running experience begins with a pair of comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Good shoes that fit properly not only improve performance, they help prevent injuries to the ankles and feet as well. Once you settle on the right pair of shoes for your needs, don’t overlook the importance of … Continued

Brides Head Over Heels for Wedding Sneakers

“High heels? Painful pleasure,” observed fashion icon Christian Dior of the footwear. And he didn’t even have to wear them. Although heels are no longer the standard, daily footwear for women (which is good considering the ankle pain and other physical effects of routine high-heels wear), they retain a niche for certain professional segments and … Continued