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Have you heard the buzz about Lapiplasty®? It’s time to learn what all the fuss is about.

This revolutionary surgery is newly available here at the Foot and Ankle Center of Northern Colorado and is being hailed as a breakthrough for bunion surgery. Dr. Daniel J. Hatch worked together with Treace to develop this cutting-edge procedure and is now excited to be able to offer it to people struggling with bunions in Northern Colorado.

For 87% of people with bunions, traditional bunion surgery fails to get to the true source of the problem. This leaves many patients still in pain and unhappy with both the look and function of their foot after surgery. But don’t worry — there’s a better way to completely solve your bunions. Lapiplasty® is a three-dimensional bunion correction surgery that gets to the root of the problem to fully, permanently correct the deformity.

If you want to learn more about this exciting new surgical treatment, check out these in-depth educational resources.


Bunion Surgery Video


Visual learners will enjoy this animated, three-dimensional look at how the bunion deformity happens, and how Lapiplasty® effectively corrects the problem at the source.


Contrary to popular belief, bunions are often complex deformities that stem from joint issues deep in the foot. Most bunion treatments, like osteotomies, only address the top part of the metatarsal, leaving the root of the problem — the unstable joint — untouched. This video gives you a 3D look at how Lapiplasty® can precisely realign the entire metatarsal bone, correcting the unstable joint to permanently solve the bunion problem.


Read the Brochure


One in three patients are unhappy with the result of their traditional bunion surgery — don’t be one of them! This brochure includes testimonials from real Lapiplasty® patients, so you can hear about the benefits from people who have actually experienced them. Have your questions answered with the frequently asked questions section, and learn with clear X-rays and diagrams why traditional bunion surgeries can’t measure up to Lapiplasty®.

Download it as a PDF, or get a hard copy from your doctor.


Log in to the “Patients” Page

Go to Lapiplasty.com/Patients

Looking for more in-depth information on Lapiplasty®, or ready to find a surgeon in your area? The Lapiplasty® patient page has everything you need to make an informed decision and reach out to a surgeon to move forward with correcting your bunion.

The patient page is your hub for information about Lapiplasty®. Featuring everything from an interview with a podiatrist about the procedures to statistics about both Lapiplasty® and traditional bunion surgeries, to real patient’s stories about their own surgeries, you can have your questions answered and make sure you have a complete understanding of the procedure to facilitate your health decisions.

This page even features a search function to help you find a Lapiplasty® surgeon near you. This easy-to-use locator requires only your zip code or city to find the closest and most convenient surgeon. Your search results include each surgeon’s phone number, so you can quickly and easily call to schedule a consultation and see if Lapiplasty® is right for you. If you’re in the Northern Colorado area, Dr. Daniel J. Hatch helped develop this procedure and is happy to consult with you about your eligibility.

Don’t let bunions keep you from your active, normal lifestyle. Lapiplasty® is the new frontier in bunion surgery, and can finally put an end to the pain, discomfort, and limitations that bunions have caused you to suffer. Best of all, you’ll be back on your feet just a few weeks after surgery! Talk to your doctor today about how Lapiplasty® can get to the root of your bunion deformity.

Featured Lapiplasty® Case

16 year old female with a large frontal-plane rotational deformity (note: lateral rounding of metatarsal head and sesamoid position on AP; metatarsal pronation without sesamoid subluxation on axial view) addressed with the Lapiplasty® Procedure (5 mo follow up).

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