Foot Health: Keeping Up This Holiday Season

woman shopping photoThe holiday season is a splendid and joyous time of the year. It’s a time to get close with your family, eat delicious foods, go shopping and enjoy the wonder in the eyes of your children. However, it is also a very busy time, and one in which some things may fall to the wayside, like your foot health. With increased amounts of shopping, cooking and even traveling, your feet are likely taking on some extra strain. This year, The American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry has urged holiday enthusiasts to take it easy on their feet, and so are we.

How To Stay On Top of Your Foot Health This Holiday Season

  • While many people are worried about their waistlines during the holidays, the bigger issue involved with over-consumption of tasty treats is diabetes. Those who suffer from diabetes like to indulge just as much as everyone else, but they should be particularly careful. If you have diabetes, make sure to moderate your food consumption. And even though the holidays are chaotic, do no fall behind on your insulin, if you are insulin dependent. Additionally, if you will be hosting for someone who is diabetic, be their rock. Gently encourage them to care for their health. You may also consider whipping up a few diabetic-friendly treats for them, so they don’t feel left out. If you are diabetic and notice foot lesions over the holiday season, do not put treatment off until after the holidays. Prompt treatment is always crucial in limb preservation. Contact your podiatrist as soon as possible.


  •  The average clothing store sees 22% of their revenue during the holiday season. That sounds like a lot of rack digging, and mall walking. Between Thanksgiving, treat baking, Christmas dinner preparation and New Years Eve entertaining, you’re looking at a few days worth of extra hours on your feet from late November to the beginning of January. That’s why it may be wise to have a holiday season foot exam, especially if you have an existing condition. A pre-season check-up can see where your foot health is, and your doctor can provide you with recommendations and even some comfy orthotics. However, if you’ve missed that opportunity, a post-season exam can help to remedy any injuries accrued over the holidays.


  • Don’t forget to take breaks. Instead of carrying the coffee around through the mall, take an intermission. Sit down with a warm cup of joe and give your feet a break. If there is no one sitting across from you, maybe you can even prop your feet up. When you’re chopping and cooking, remember you can sit to do many of the tasks needed. Giving your feet time to rest up can keep them from a stress-related injury.

While most people believe a little pain is okay, that is not usually the case. As always, wear proper shoes, and consult the Foot and Ankle Center of Northern Colorado if you experience pain.

Happy Holidays!


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