Foot Bursitis and How a Podiatrist Can Help

Are you experiencing problems with your feet like pain, swollenness, redness and possibly a burning sensation? Then you might be experiencing bursitis in your feet. What is bursitis in your feet anyway and can a podiatrist help you with this?

What is foot bursitis?

Your body contains bursal sacs, which are sacs filled with fluid to keep the joints moving smoothly through the reduction of friction. These bursal sacs can become inflamed which is then called bursitis. Bursitis can occur in many areas of your body like your hip or your shoulder, but it’s also possible to get bursitis in your feet, although this isn’t very common. Your foot contains only one bursal sac, which is located between the Achilles tendon and the heel bone.

How can we get foot bursitis if there is only one bursal sac?

That works in the following way. When stress or pressure is put on one part of the foot repeatedly, a bursal sac will form to protect the joints, and this bursal sac can then become inflamed. These micro bursal sacs shouldn’t be here. People who practice sports or who wear a lot of uncomfortable footwear are thus more likely to get foot bursitis since they put more pressure on the foot.

Foot Bursitis Treatment

Foot bursitis can be treated in many ways, but the best place to start is the podiatrist. Certain ways to help foot bursitis include changing the choice of shoes, which your podiatrist can advise you about, applying orthopedic padding, also provided by a podiatrist, and physical therapy. It depends on the kind of foot bursitis which kind of treatment will be the most effective, but this is something that a podiatrist can figure out for you and thus determine which treatment will be the most effective.

Another sort of treatment that might effective is icing the area, which will mainly help with pain. Possibly you will need anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the inflammation of the bursal sacs. This sort of medication will probably not solve the problem forever, for that you need to wear more supportive footwear and possibly also apply orthopedic padding.

Physical therapy will be helpful when the bursal sacs lie deeper while it might be possible to drain the bursal sac when it lies superficially.

Do you suspect that you might be suffering from foot bursitis? It’s recommended you see a podiatrist so you can get it checked out. Visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

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