Foot and Ankle Healing Solutions

foot photoThe foot and ankle are very important members of the body. That’s the main way that people keep balance, by having sturdy, healthy feet and ankles. Does the average person care enough about these members? Foot doctors are usually called podiatrists and they help patients obtain ‘happy feet.’ They tend to argue that the feet are very important members and that we should get x-rays of the feet.

The human foot and ankle have 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Many podiatrists put emphasis on the foot being one of, if not the most important members of the body.

Here is an interesting foot fact. Females are 3 times more likely to have foot problems. One of the main problems could be the wearing of high heels. But does a wise one choose fashion or comfort? Podiatrists would probably say that comfort is a better option to choose. But how about this? A 2 ½ inch high heel can increase the load of the front of the foot by ¾ or 75 percent. That can lead to detrimental foot pain or injury and even spinal issues. Prada and Gucci might be upset. But women need better soles and increased comfort for foot protection in their foot products. And this is versus just being fashionable. Better soles and support are needed so that people won’t sustain foot or ankle injury.

Walking is a great exercise for a person’s feet and walking also improves circulation, blood flow and it improves balance. Another fact that foot and ankle doctors reveal is that standing in one spot can be more harmful at times than walking because there is an increase in demand on the same few muscles. Don’t ever fall in distress. Walking and jogging are great in order to help us stay fit. Those exercises help the feet, ankles, and legs. Bodies need that strong support. So muscles must be built up and worked on.

Yes, feet need exercise and stretching. When sitting, you could rotate each foot in a circular motion in order to stretch those muscles that are seldom in use. Move those toes around. Get the blood circulating. Wear thinner socks to keep excess distress from the foot and ankle because of thick, Wooly socks.

Healthy feet benefit the whole body

Many conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, neuro disorders, and circulatory disorders can show their first initial symptoms in the feet. The feet can recognize certain exhaustion and more to trigger other important senses in the body.

Some massage therapists offer foot massages. A good massage can help with the tension and stress on the foot. But it’s best to take total care of both feet, toes, and ankles. Try tippy toe stretches as a ballerina would. That would strengthen the toes for increased walking longevity without tiresome dragging of the feet.

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in America, including Arthritis in the feet. Exercising is a good way to keep those joints in motion. Podiatric Surgeons and Doctors are 4 times less likely to use expensive services versus other types of physicians. There are so many facts and statistics in regards to how taking care of the feet and ankle is a great thought and action. 75 percent of Americans are said to be experiencing foot problems at one point or another in their lifetimes. About 19 percent of the US population has an average of 1.4 foot problems every year. That is a lot of foot pain and injury.

If you can’t run, go walking or jogging. Exercise those feet. Stay active. It’s vital to keep the blood circulating in the feet including the toes. There may be some long walking and tedious foot inspired journeys ahead. Healthy feet make for a healthy heart.

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