Are your feet ready for spring?

Springtime is here!
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It’s spring! The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer. All over the country, people are shaking off their winter blues, and getting ready for a long summer of active outdoor fun. But chances are, not many of them will have feet on their mind– and that may be what puts them on the sidelines when you’re out in the sun!

Keep on your feet this Spring with the proper foot-care!

To make sure that you’re not one of the unfortunate souls who has to stay inside this season, we here at The Foot and Ankle Center of Northern Colorado encourage you to follow these quick and easy foot-care tips for preparing your feet for spring:

Treat your feet right!

Your feet are easy to forget. Especially after a winter of wrapping them in wool socks and heavy boots, it can be hard to remember to take care of them. But this neglect can take its toll: a winter’s worth of wear can lead to dead skin build-up, leading to unsightly calluses and possible corns. Be sure to take care of these with a pumice stone or foot-file, and make sure to wash and dry your feet thoroughly and regularly.

Are you moisturizing? You should be! Taking care of your feet can keep problem areas from becoming real issues down the line.

Make sure to stretch!

After an entire season without much exercise, it can become clear quickly that your body just isn’t used to moving like it was last Autumn. Jumping into physical activity without proper preparation can lead to some serious issues, like plantar fasciitis and other tendon-based problems. It’s important to build up to your activity peak gradually, and warm up to each new adventure. For a full list of foot-prepping stretches and strength-training exercises, make an appointment with your podiatrist! They’ll help you get on your feet and stay there all summer long.

Wear the right shoes!

Your feet take a lot of punishment. Without the proper orthotics, the build-up of damage on your feet and ankles may culminate to something that requires more in-depth treatment. Fortunately, professional help can prescribe the right shoe for the job! Your podiatrist is equipped with the know-how to get you the orthotics you need for the adventures you love. A proper orthotic is invaluable– preventing everything from microfractures to tendon issues and more.

If you have any questions about proper springtime footcare, don’t hesitate– contact Foot and Ankle Colorado today. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your feet strong for spring and beyond!

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