Dr. Hatch develops implant

gaitway-implantDr. Hatch loves to be in the operating room and is very passionate about surgery. He has paired that passion with his 30 years of experience in podiatric medicine and joined a team of doctors to develop a new and innovative implant. Two years ago, Doctor’s Daniel Hatch of Colorado, Thomas Chang of California, and Jeffrey Christensen of Washington, decided to put their minds together and use their expertise to develop what is now known as the GaitWay® implant. The implant was developed to help both pediatric and adult patients who suffer from painful flat foot deformities. The development process involved traveling to meet with engineers to design the implant, taking part in several cadaver labs to try it out, and a few trips back to the drawing board to fine tune the product. The implant made its debut at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Seminar in Las Vegas this past February. The implant is unique in that it has less chance of coming out and is easier to tolerate than similar products. Dr. Hatch thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved working with the engineers and design team. He recently used the implant in a surgical case of his own, and hopes that it will provide others who suffer from the deformity with relief as well. The entrepreneur in him already has his hands in a new project and will be working with OsteoMed® to develop a plating system that will be used for fracture and osteotomy cases. He is very much looking forward to being a part of the process again!