Diabetic Footcare

Foot ulcers are the most common wounds among people with diabetes. That is why it is so important for individuals with this disease to have their feet checked regularly to avoid complications from slow or non healing ulcerations. The culprit among many patients who suffer from diabetic foot wounds is a combination of elevated blood glucose levels, poor circulation, neuropathy, immune system deficiency and infection. If not treated immediately, the ulcerations can lead to loss of the toe, foot, limb or life. The risk of developing these wounds can be lowered with a healthy diet, exercise, proper shoes, and regular checkups. Dr. Vaardahl and Dr. Atherton specialize in wound care, and Dr. Vaardahl is a member of the American Professional Wound Care Association. Along with treating wound care patients in the office on a regular basis, they also provide their services at the Wound Care Centers of North Colorado Medical Center and Mckee Medical Center on a weekly basis. Here they have access to an abundance of wound care supplies and equipment which enable them to provide the best care possible for these high risk patients. If you have diabetes, please understand the importance of proper foot care and regular checkups! You should visit your podiatrist every 6 months for routine exams or sooner if you notice any signs of callous or ulcer formations.