Board certified-what does it mean?

As podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons, our doctors take pride in being experts in their specialty. Both Dr. Hatch and Dr. Vaardahl are board certified in foot and ankle surgery, and Dr. Atherton is board qualified and will be sitting for boards in June! Being board certified means that the doctors have completed appropriate training, performed a diverse range of podiatric surgical procedures, and have passed extensive written and oral examinations. Once certified, the doctors must be reassessed every 10 years by completing a written examination. Dr. Vaardahl just recently completed the examination and has become recertified in foot surgery. What sets the podiatry specialty apart from other specialties is that they are trained in a very specific area, the foot and ankle. Continuing education and certification ensures that they are experts in their field and are qualified to handle all things foot and ankle. Congratulations to Dr. Vaardahl on successfully passing the recertification examination and best of luck to Dr. Atherton as she sits for her boards in June!