Pros and Cons of Going Barefoot

Nice fitting shoes have the power to make your walks more fun and productive. However, every now and then, you should endeavor to seek the pleasure of barefoot walking as well. In the modern world, walking barefoot may seem like an eccentric and offbeat thing to do, but in reality, the practice is known to have several benefits.

Why go Barefoot?

While jury is still out whether you are better off with your feet in the shoes or without them, but it is pretty clear that some barefoot walking is a healthy addition to your life. One of the biggest points in favor of barefoot walking is that some shoes are ill-fitting – sandals too!

Shoes that don’t fit well are more likely to damage your feet than to help them. With frequent barefoot walking, you can let your feet be free for some time. There was an episode in CSI NY where one of the guest stars enjoyed barefoot running – now that could be a little extreme.

Ill-fitting shoes may cause many foot problems such as bunions, blisters, and calluses. Going barefoot occasionally will give your feet a chance to heal. Even if your shoes are comfortable and well-fitting, they may still restrict your natural movements.

Going barefoot will also help your foot breath and regain or keep their natural shape. Some out of shoe time will help you improve your posture and balance as well. When your shoes are in touch with the ground, letting you stand or walk in a more natural manner.

Going barefoot also helps you fortify your muscles and bones by increasing the venous return. Your muscles also become more flexible, reducing the risk of the muscle atrophy. If you walk barefoot on grass or any other natural surface, you may also begin to feel more relaxed. This activity may help you in managing your stress level.

Barefoot walking has come a long way from being a counterculture trend. Now, it has solid scientific foundation and has proved itself to be a lot more than just a fad.

Barefoot Walking Products

There are now several tools and items available to make your barefoot walks even more productive. There are foot stickers available in the market which can protect your feet from natural elements while letting you get the same benefits.

Take Precautions

For getting the proper benefits of barefoot walk, it is vital to take some precautions as well. Make sure that you walk on a plain surface. This will ensure that your feet remain safe. Barefoot walking may make your feet more susceptible to injuries as they do not have proper support.

Also, you should walk on clean surfaces as your feet may otherwise pick up fungal or viral infections. You should also remain careful about glass or metal pieces on the ground since if you step on debris like this that is sharp it could ruin your day.

However, once you take these precautions, your barefoot walks may provide you with many benefits.

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