Beach Vacation Foot Care: Keep Your Feet Healthy

barefoot beach photoSpring is here and, summer is just around the corner. And since it soon will be prime time for a beach vacation, we thought we’d clue you into a couple of beach-centric footcare tips!

Everyone loves going barefoot at the beach. There aren’t many places more suited to going without shoes– everything’s soft, warm, and easy on the soles! But don’t let that fool you– a poorly-placed beer bottle can spell the end of a pleasant vacation. Not only that, but beaches can be a great place for transmitting (and receiving) a number of different foot-borne issues!

What is the number one foot-care tip?


That’s why our number-one beach-adventure foot-care tip comes down to this: keep your feet clean! Though there’s nothing like kicking off your shoes and enjoying that soft, warm sand, keep in mind that you’re sharing the beach with hundreds of your closest friends. Not only that, but there are a lot of microorganisms in the ocean that are looking for a quick meal.

Not to fear! As long as you take care of it, your skin is more than capable of fending off even the worst of these microbes. But this does mean that you’ve got to keep your feet clean and dry. Wash them every time you walk around barefoot and make sure you get between your toes. A damp foot covered in socks and shoes is a great place for bacteria to grow, which can lead to irritation and even infection. It’s especially important to keep your feet clean and dry if you’ve gotten a cut– when the protective layer of your skin is breached, it’s that much easier for germs to get a foothold.

That brings us to our other big beach-adventure foot-care tip: make sure your feet are protected! If you’re walking anywhere you have a chance to injure your feet, think about wearing sandals, water-shoes, or some other protective footwear. It may not be the most stylish choice, but when you compare them with a nasty foot injury, they don’t look so bad!

Germs aren’t the only threat!

If you do decide to go barefoot, then make sure to protect against the other biggest source of summertime foot injury– the sun! It’s easy to forget to put sunblock on your feet, but just like the rest of you, they can sunburn. Often times, they’re more sensitive to the sun, since we keep them covered year-round! If you want to avoid a painful–and potentially dangerous–injury, make sure to sunblock your feet. And remember to do it often, as water can wear away at your sunscreen in a matter of hours!

We here at the Foot & Ankle Center of Northern Colorado hope you’re having an excellent summer. We hope it’s full of fun, sunshine, and healthy feet. And remember, if you suffer any foot-related injury, you can always contact us! We’re happy to do what we can to make your summer great.

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