Podiatrist Designs Shoes that Mix Comfort, Style

Good shoes should balance comfort, support and style. But it seems the stars rarely align in this manner; aesthetically pleasing shoes are often ill-fitting, and form-fitting footwear is often plain. A former podiatrist aims to change that with a line of luxury women’s shoes that are as fashionable as they are wearable. From Podiatrist to … Continued

Sprain Reaction: Podiatrist Visit can Spur Proper Ankle Recovery

Ankle sprains are so common—especially in the winter—that many people inherently understand and initially follow positive steps for recovery: ice, elevation and rest. However, many sprain victims also resume their regular activities as soon as they no longer experience discomfort and feel stable on their feet. If the ankle is not fully healed, this resurgence … Continued

Skis the Day: Protecting Your Feet and Ankles on the Slopes

The Colorado ski season is upon us, and our feet and ankles are instrumental in the motions and balance required for skiing. Our feet and ankles are also more vulnerable to injuries while skiing, especially early in the season if our bodies are not yet acclimated to the unique stresses of skiing. With locations in … Continued

Saving Lace: Proper Lacing can Prevent Foot, Ankle Ailments

Colorado is a runner’s paradise, and a great running experience begins with a pair of comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Good shoes that fit properly not only improve performance, they help prevent injuries to the ankles and feet as well. Once you settle on the right pair of shoes for your needs, don’t overlook the importance of … Continued

Brides Head Over Heels for Wedding Sneakers

“High heels? Painful pleasure,” observed fashion icon Christian Dior of the footwear. And he didn’t even have to wear them. Although heels are no longer the standard, daily footwear for women (which is good considering the ankle pain and other physical effects of routine high-heels wear), they retain a niche for certain professional segments and … Continued

Olympic, rec athletes face risk of foot, ankle injuries

Michael Phelps made history in many ways at the recent Rio Olympics, and his achievements are especially remarkable considering that he—like many athletes as they reach their 30s—has suffered his share of injuries. Over the course of his remarkable career, Phelps has experienced back, wrist and foot injuries. He was even suspected of having a … Continued

Research Highlights Importance of Feet Exams for Diabetics

Diabetes increases the risk for a host of other medical problems, but foot complications are among the most common and dangerous. Recent research from Australia demonstrates the tremendous physical and financial impacts of diabetic foot problems. Most diabetes-related foot problems are preventable with proper care, and many can be treated with timely therapy, but it’s … Continued

Standing Desks: Thinking On, and About, Our Feet

Standing desks have become popular over the past few years as increasing research indicates that sitting for extended periods can have adverse health effects and that many people think better on their feet. But are we considering whether standing is good for our feet? Standing at Attention In a study of nearly 300 children in … Continued

Coping with Puncture Wounds to the Ankles and Feet

Puncture wounds to the feet and ankles occur more often in the warm-weather months, and these injuries are common in Colorado, where hiking, biking, rafting and other outdoor activities that put people at risk for puncture wounds are popular. One thing we don’t have to worry about causing such wounds here is crocodiles. But a … Continued