You may have come across people with extra weights around their ankle. You can’t just help but wonder about why they are using it or if it won’t affect them. In this article, you will discover the answers to those questions and finally put the thoughts to rest.

Ankle weights as they are called are used to create more loads for the lower part of your body to work against. They are used to intensify training exercise – this compels the muscles around your leg to work more than usual and thereby making you burn more calories.

Ankle weight is an excellent concept, and it provides positive effects (such as strengthening your muscle and cardiovascular endurance) aside from burning more calories. But it also can create adverse effects such as ankle injury, tendon, or ligament injuries to your knees, hip, and back. The way you use the ankle weights goes a long way to determine the effect you will experience, be it positive or negative.

The tips below will help you enjoy the benefits of using ankle weights and reduce the risk of causing injury to yourself.

  • As a beginner, you don’t need to add weight: The primary rule in workout says – until you are comfortable with the task you started with, you shouldn’t increase the task of your exercise. For example; if jogging a distance of 400m makes you gasp for breath, then it won’t be helpful to decide to jog a distance of 800m. The same thing applies to weight; if you are a newbie in work out, then it would be wrong for you to start using weight immediately. It is recommended to start using weight when you feel you are fit.
  • Don’t use the weights all through the day: Research has shown that many people wear their weight all day long because they think it will help them to fast track the muscle strengthening process. There is no truth in that statement.
  • Not suitable for overweight people: it is not to be used by persons who are overweight because they already have extra body-weight to carry.
  • Don’t use ankle weight for cardiovascular exercises: Ankle weight can cause a muscle imbalance if it is used while you are walking, running, etc. This is because these exercises will compel you to use the muscles in front of the thigh known as quadriceps instead of the muscles at the back of the thigh known as the hamstring. Though ankle weights can be used for exercise that will focus on the muscles in the leg and hip area such as bicycle, leg lifts, V-ups, etc. These exercises ensure that the muscles do extra work against gravity to keep the added load and your leg elevated.
  • Start small: If you finally decide to add ankle weights to your workout; it is recommended that you start small with like two (2) pounds of ankle weight and observe how your system react with this before you can think of increasing it. Also, don’t use the ankle weights for your workouts on a back -to -back day’s system.
  • Consult Experts: It is always essential to consult your doctor or a fitness expert to guide you on the best way to get what you want to achieve with your work out.

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